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In January 2021, estate agents across England and Wales had an average of 33 properties on their books. This included both available properties and those sold subject to contract. Last month, that figure had fallen to an average of 26 properties.

According to the figures, this represents a decline of 21% during the last year.

The data, which is based on more than 4,000 market appraisals, also revealed the percentage of properties on the market that were sold subject to contract. In January 2019, an average of 42% of properties were sold subject to contract. In January 2022, that figure had risen to 66%; a rise of 24%.

Danny Luke, from property company Quick Move Now, said: “These figures tell a really interesting story about what is happening in the property market in England and Wales.

“We intentionally compared the most recent figures with those from January 2019, as an example of a ‘normal’ pre-Covid year, to measure the impact that the pandemic and its resulting measures have had on market conditions.

“As you can see from the figures, the number of properties coming to the market has fallen significantly in most areas, and nationally we’ve seen a fall of 21%.

“Every region of England and Wales has seen significant rises in the percentage of housing stock that is sold subject to contract. This demonstrates high demand for property, despite rising interest rates, rising property prices and significant increases in the cost of living.

“Many property experts predicted a stabilising of property prices or perhaps even a slight fall in prices in the first part of this year, but that price correction is yet to materialise, despite mounting external pressures."