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Auctions are a quick, easy & certain way of selling your property fast! 

Shaw & Co is a member of Network Auctions a leading nationwide property auction group which combines their essential local knowledge and reputation with a strong, established national presence. 

Why Sell At Auction? 

Selling Price:

Selling at auction can achieve a premium and sometimes an exceptional price. Competition and excitement in the auction room work in the sellers favor 


Nothing is subject to contract unlike private sales, where buyers may withdraw at anytime prior to exchange. On the day of auction once a sale is agreed it exchanges there and then.


A binding contract is formed at the fall of the gavel, accompanied by a 10% deposit from the buyer and a completion with in 21 days.

Efficiency & Convenience:

Only serious buyers with cash and finance, no time wasters. Block viewings conducted by Shaw & Co create minimal disruption to sellers and most importantly, no garzumping!

Auctions are ideal for all types of residential, commercial and land - for properties that have not sold on the open market; probate or executor sales; properties in need of modernization or repair; properties likely to attract competition from buyers.    

So if you are looking for a quick & guaranteed sale – Shaw & Co Network Auctions is the answer. 

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